Monday, 30 January 2017

60m test , 100w vs 2w

I had a contact with Michael EI3GYB on 60m yesterday at about 14.30 where we did a test to compare the received signal strength at my end as Michael reduced his power from 100w down to 2w .  The intent was to compare a 100w transmission with the 15w EIRP allowed under WRC-15 .   Received signal strength was less at 15w than at 100w but still very readable . Even at 2w I could still receive him clearly .  The codan 9780  does not have a proper S meter but the video below shows the effect of reducing power on the received signal. 
The band was very quiet at the time so results could be different under noisy conditions, but it does show that the 15w EIRP limit is not so much of a limitation  .

60m test 100w vs 2w