Sunday, 21 December 2014

Component Tester

I recently came across a low-cost component tester on eBay  - see eBay item 361094470192.

For about €20 including shipping it looked like a useful piece of equipment as it is capable of testing and measuring both Bipolar and FET transistors, Capacitors ( including ESR measurement ) , resistors , inductors and diodes.

I ordered one and it took about 3 weeks to arrive from Hong Kong.

this is not a detailed review , just a few photos of the device testing a few random components.

The tester is powered by a 9v battery and powers up to the following splash-screen -

First I plugged in a bipolar NPN transistor into the ZIF socket and pressed the 'test' button .
It identified it correctly and indicated which pins on the ZIF socket corresponded to the emitter , base and collector.  It also displayed the hFE  and forward voltage measurements for the device.

Next I tried an IRF510 MOSFET  -

A 100 uF electrolytic capacitor -

An inductor wound on a ferrite toroid core -

A 6.8k resistor -

A 10 nF capacitor  -

quite a useful device for €20 !