Thursday, 1 January 2015

Spilsbury and Tindall SBX-11 Portable HF SSB Transceiver

A few months ago I managed to buy a Spilsbury and Tindall SBX-11 Portable HF SSB Transceiver on eBay.  This radio is a piece of Canadian history having been used for arctic and polar communications for over 40 years.

The SBX-11 is designed to provide 10w SSB on 4 crystal controlled channels in the range of 1.6 to 8 MHz.
It is self contained in a robust water resistant enclosure and is powered by 9 D cells - Alkaline or NiCAD.


The top lid of the SBX 11 covers the front panel and the hard wired microphone .

it also contains a set of brief operating instructions  -

the top lid clips on to the main body of the set to act as a stand

the bottom lid is the battery compartment which contains 3 tubes each with 3 D cells.

My set has already been converted to the amateur bands and has been crystalled for 1918 KHz, 3745 KHz and 7060 KHz on LSB.   Each channel requires 2 crystals and 2 coil packs , however there is a modification available for single crystal per channel.

Internal view showing crystal banks and RX/TX coil packs on right hand side -

As the set is crystal bound I hadn't much luck in making any contacts on it , however today was the IRTS 80m counties contest so I decided to try it out on 3.745MHz and I was able to make 4 contacts - EI2KA ( Cork) , EI9DZ ( Leitrim) EI8JN ( Galway) and EI8HL ( Waterford).

I was thinking about adding a DDS VFO to this set, however I think I will keep it in its original condition . Might try and add a 60m channel to the 4th position if I can get a suitable coil pack.

For more information on the SBX-11 see here .
VA7BC has posted an interesting video of the SVX-11 in use here.

there is also a good Yahoo group here 


  1. I have a set of two of these exact radios ,looking to sell do you know anyone interested? the link for the group is broken.You can contact me at name is jonathan. thanks! cool post

  2. I have orange one in mint condition, only 2 channels unmodified. Where can I get coil packs?

  3. The yahoo group for the sbx-11 is a good place to start

    People post details of radios/parts for sale or wanted here.