Friday, 7 February 2020

Czech RF-10 VHF FM Manpack Radio

The RF-10  is a military VHF FM manpack that was manufactured for the Czech army by the Tesla company in Pardubice in the early 1070’s .   It was intended to replace the obsolescent Russian R-105 and R-109 manpack radios that had previously been used by the Czech Army at company level.   It is much smaller and lighter than the radios it replaced and also compared favourably against the US army PRC-77 and PRC-25 radios used by NATO forces at the time. 


The RF-10 covers the frequency range of 44 to 53MHz in 25 KHz steps . The mode is FM and power output is about 1W.   Power is supplied by a battery box that contains 5 x 1.2v D-Cell nicads. 

The front panel has a multi-way connector for the handset (8) , a BNC connector for an external antenna (2)  and a socket for short and long whip antennas (1).

Operating frequency is entered using three frequency selectors, the first (3) covers 44 to 53 MHz in 1MHz steps,  the second (4) provides 100 KHz steps and the third (5) selects 00, 25, 50 or 75KHz.  This allows the band between 44 to 53 .975MHz to be covered in 25KHz steps.   Operating frequency is displayed in the windows above the frequency selectors (6) .  A red light (10) illuminates to provide a low battery warning.

A mode switch (9)  controls power on/off, squelch on/off and ‘whisper mode’ .

The icons on the mode switch are as follows –

Whisper mode allows the microphone gain to be increased so that the operator can communicate without having to raise their voice – useful for some military situations !

The front of the radio is printed with a set of simple operating instructions designed to allow non-technical operators to establish communications with minimal training. 

The RF-10 is supplied in a polystyrene packing box with a complete set of accessories  -