Sunday, 2 August 2015

TS-120v repair - part 2

I spent some time today continuing my attempts to repair the TS-120v I described in part 1 here .

The radio is now usable on SSB on 80/40/20M however it still has no output on 15M and 10M , other faults are a non-functioning S meter and no output on CW.

One of the common faults that can cause a none-functioning S meter is the relay on the IF board.
There is a well written article on the replacement of this relay on the Kenwood TS120_130 yahoo group  - "TS130v Omron relay removal/replacement" Based on this I ordered 2 NF4EB-12v relays - these are a drop in replacement for the original Omron LZN4 which is now obsolete.
It seems that the Matsushita NF4EB relays are also obsolete , so it was hard to find a source for them.
I eventually found an ebay seller in China  that had them in stock for $6 each - see ebay item 381034198000

Omron LZN4 on left. Replacement NF4EB on right

IF board removed from the transceiver

I replaced the relay using the instructions in the link above.  It was fairly straightforward however I needed to use solder braid and liquid flux to cleanly desolder the 15 pins.

IF board fitted back into TS-120v with new relay (orange)

After replacing the IF board and carrying out an on-air test I now have a working S meter.

working S meter

Next I need to fix the CW problem and the lack of output on 15/10M